Islamabad High Court Disposes of Petition Regarding Pervez Elahi’s Transfer from Pims Hospital

The Islamabad High Court has concluded the proceedings on the petition concerning the transfer of former Punjab Chief Minister Pervez Elahi from Pims Hospital to Adiala Jail.

Presided over by Justice Tariq Mahmood Jahangiri, the court reviewed the petition challenging Pervez Elahi’s relocation from Pims Hospital to Adiala Jail.

During the hearing, Adiala Jail officials informed the court about Pervez Elahi’s recent transfer back to Pims Hospital.

Based on the submission from the jail authorities, the Islamabad High Court decided to dispose of the application filed by Qaisara Elahi.

It’s worth noting that Chaudhry Pervez Elahi, the former Punjab Chief Minister, is currently receiving medical treatment at Pims Hospital in Islamabad, the federal capital.

Last week, Pervez Elahi experienced a medical emergency while in Adiala Jail, prompting his transfer to Pims Hospital due to complaints of rib pain.

According to sources at Pims Hospital, Pervez Elahi’s blood pressure and sugar levels are within normal ranges.

Furthermore, hospital sources indicated that Pervez Elahi may require continued hospitalization for several more days as part of his treatment regimen.