Investments are coming from the Gulf countries, the nation will get good news soon, caretaker foreign minister

Former Foreign Minister Jalil Abbas Jilani has stated that Pakistan’s relations are not only strong in the region but also with other countries worldwide. Investment is coming from Gulf countries, which is crucial for our economic development, and the nation will soon receive good news about this.

Addressing a press conference alongside prominent ministers after an apex committee meeting, Jalil Abbas Jilani mentioned that a briefing was given on foreign policy matters. He highlighted that Pakistan’s relations with China and other countries in the region remain robust.

The former Foreign Minister stated that Pakistan has excellent relations with Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries. Africa is emerging as a vital region, and efforts will be made to further strengthen relations with African nations under the policy.

Jalil Abbas Jilani emphasized the significance of relations with European countries, particularly the European Union, where trade ties are being enhanced.

Furthermore, he mentioned that the business community will be provided with long-term visas to encourage investment.