Actress Nausheen Shah Exposes Fraud by Pakistani Director Nabeel Qureshi

In a recent development, Pakistani actress Nausheen Shah has revealed a fraudulent scheme orchestrated by director Nabeel Qureshi during a private TV channel’s Ramadan transmission. Shah disclosed how Qureshi persuaded her to invest in cryptocurrency, only to disappear with a substantial amount of money.

According to Shah, some time ago, director Nabeel Qureshi, known for the film “13”, approached her with a lucrative investment opportunity in cryptocurrency. Qureshi convinced Shah to invest a hefty sum of 2 million rupees, citing promising returns.

Trusting Qureshi’s words, Shah transferred the requested amount to him, only to realize days later that she had fallen victim to a scam. Instead of investing the money as promised, Qureshi vanished, leaving Shah with significant financial losses and dashed hopes.

Shah further elaborated that after the initial investment, Qureshi approached her again, this time seeking an additional 1.5 million rupees for financing his upcoming film. Believing in Qureshi’s integrity, Shah complied and handed over the requested sum, bringing her total investment to 3.5 million rupees.

However, Shah’s trust in Qureshi proved to be misplaced once again, as the director absconded with the entire amount, leaving Shah distraught and betrayed. Shah emphasized that Qureshi and his wife have swindled approximately 60 million rupees from various individuals through similar fraudulent schemes.

The actress revealed that both Qureshi and his wife are now fugitives, with their mobile phones switched off, and FIRs filed against them by multiple victims. Shah urged her fans and followers to exercise caution and skepticism when approached with investment opportunities, emphasizing the importance of verifying credentials and conducting thorough due diligence before parting with their money.

Nausheen Shah’s revelation sheds light on the prevalence of financial fraud in the entertainment industry and serves as a cautionary tale for others. Her experience underscores the need for vigilance and prudence when dealing with financial transactions, especially in situations involving unfamiliar or unverified individuals.