FIFA Extends Normalization Committee’s Mandate for Pakistan Football Federation

FIFA has announced the extension of the mandate of the Normalization Committee of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) until December 15, 2025. This decision comes as the current mandate of the committee was set to expire on March 15, with the aim of completing the electoral process within the extended period.

The Normalization Committee was initially appointed by FIFA to oversee the affairs of the PFF and restore normalcy to the federation’s operations. Its primary responsibility includes organizing elections for the PFF Executive Committee in accordance with FIFA and AFC statutes, ensuring transparency, integrity, and inclusivity throughout the electoral process.

The decision to extend the committee’s mandate reflects FIFA’s commitment to supporting the development of football in Pakistan and addressing the challenges faced by the PFF. By providing additional time for the normalization process, FIFA aims to facilitate a smooth transition of leadership within the federation and promote stability within the Pakistani football community.

The extension of the Normalization Committee’s mandate underscores the complexity of the normalization process and the importance of ensuring a fair and transparent electoral process. FIFA recognizes the need for sufficient time to address any outstanding issues, including the resolution of disputes and the implementation of necessary reforms to strengthen the governance structure of the PFF.

Moreover, FIFA’s decision reflects its confidence in the Normalization Committee’s ability to fulfill its mandate effectively and efficiently. The committee comprises individuals with expertise in football administration and governance, tasked with overseeing the normalization process and facilitating the transition to a democratically elected leadership.

The extension of the mandate also provides an opportunity for the Normalization Committee to engage with stakeholders, including football clubs, players, and officials, to ensure their input and participation in the electoral process. By fostering dialogue and collaboration, the committee aims to build consensus and unity within the football community and promote the long-term development of the sport in Pakistan.

Furthermore, FIFA emphasizes the importance of upholding the principles of good governance, transparency, and accountability in the management of football associations. The extension of the Normalization Committee’s mandate allows for continued oversight and monitoring of the PFF’s operations, ensuring compliance with FIFA and AFC regulations and standards.

FIFA’s decision to extend the mandate of the Normalization Committee for the Pakistan Football Federation underscores its commitment to promoting good governance and transparency in football administration. The extension provides an opportunity to address outstanding issues, facilitate a smooth electoral process, and support the long-term development of football in Pakistan.