Election commission of Pakistan unveils schedule for senate election.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has announced the timeline for the upcoming Senate elections, encompassing 48 seats.

According to the outlined schedule, individuals nominated for Senate seats will have the opportunity to submit their nomination papers from March 14 until March 16.

Following the submission phase, the subsequent step will involve the revelation of candidates contending for the Senate positions.

Critical to the process will be the scrutiny of nomination papers, slated for March 19, which will assess the eligibility of candidates seeking Senate seats.

In addition, candidates will have the chance to lodge appeals regarding any concerns pertaining to their nomination papers until March 21.

The election tribunals will then adjudicate on these appeals by March 25, subsequently leading to the publication of the final list of candidates by the ECP.

Furthermore, in adherence to the schedule, nominated contenders will retrieve their nomination papers by March 27.

Marking the culmination of the process, the Senate election is scheduled to take place on April 2, concurrently in the Parliament and the four provincial assemblies.

It’s noteworthy that the Senate election occurs every three years, coinciding with the retirement of half of the upper house’s members upon the completion of their term. Each senator serves a six-year term.