Anjuman’s Candid Revelations on a Comedy Show

Recently, Anjuman made an appearance on the comedy program “Mazaq Raat” on Dunya TV, where she openly discussed various aspects of her career and personal life.

During the show, the actress revealed that despite taking breaks of five to ten years between films, whenever she returned, her movies became even more successful than before. She shared insights into her film career, highlighting her intermittent engagements and the consistent triumph of her projects upon return.

Anjuman also disclosed an interesting anecdote from her shooting experiences, mentioning how she would invite fellow actor Ghulam Mohiuddin to the set to irritate Sultan Rahi during shooting breaks. However, after filming, she would end up conversing with Ghulam Mohiuddin instead of Sultan Rahi, which sometimes irked the latter.

Furthermore, she shed light on Sultan Rahi’s preference for his leading ladies to remain loyal to him on and off-screen. It was revealed that Sultan Rahi desired the heroines in his films to maintain their loyalty to him even after the project concluded.

Responding to a question, Anjuman revealed that initially, Sultan Rahi wasn’t very fond of working with female co-stars. However, over time, as they collaborated more frequently, Sultan Rahi developed affectionate relationships with the actresses.

Reflecting on her past fame, the renowned actress expressed a lament about never having the opportunity to be sacrificially adored by anyone. She remarked that she was so famous that everyone ended up idolizing her, leaving her with no one to sacrifice for, hence lacking any significant attachments.

Anjuman expressed her desire to collaborate with new actors in recent television serials, signaling her readiness to embrace the current era of entertainment and work alongside emerging talents.

Anjuman’s candid revelations on “Mazaq Raat” provided a fascinating glimpse into her illustrious career and offered insight into the dynamics of the film industry during her prime. Her willingness to adapt to the changing landscape of entertainment reflects her enduring passion for the craft and her eagerness to explore new horizons in the industry.