Actor nazish jahangir hints at marriage proposal from babar azam.

In a recent interaction with her fans on social media, actor Nazish Jahangir stirred speculation about her relationship with Pakistani cricket team captain Babar Azam.

During a question-answer session with her 1.2 million Instagram followers, Nazish fielded inquiries from fans, with one particularly intriguing question drawing attention.

“What will be your reply if Babar Azam offers you to tie the knot?” asked a curious fan, prompting Nazish to share the query on her Instagram story.

In response, Nazish cryptically posted, “Mazraat hi karungi” (I’ll consider it), fueling speculation about a potential proposal from the cricket star.

The screenshot of her response quickly circulated on social media platforms, sparking a flurry of discussion among fans about the nature of Nazish and Babar’s relationship.

As curiosity mounts, followers eagerly await further developments, speculating on the possibility of a romantic union between the actor and the cricket sensation.