Actor Omar Shahzad Discusses Pakistani Entertainment Industry on Private TV Channel

Actor Omar Shahzad recently appeared on a program aired by a private TV channel, where he engaged in a discussion with the host and answered various questions.

During the interview, Shahzad expressed his views on the trajectory of the Pakistani film and drama industries. He highlighted the progress being made by the Pakistani film industry, contrasting it with the stagnation often observed in the drama sector. Shahzad noted that Pakistani dramas tend to focus excessively on melodrama, with an abundance of tearful scenes.

Shahzad also commented on the predictability of Pakistani award shows, stating that the outcomes are usually predetermined. He mentioned that despite advancements, programs like Pakistani fashion shows still hold significance.

Regarding the distinction between acting and modeling, Shahzad emphasized that while being an actor is commendable, modeling is sometimes not taken as seriously. He stressed the importance of self-belief for those aspiring to progress in their careers.

In response to a question about his temperament, Shahzad candidly stated that while he might appear angry on screen, that is not reflective of his real-life persona. This insight into his demeanor adds depth to his portrayal of characters on screen.

Shahzad’s appearance on the TV program provided valuable insights into the Pakistani entertainment industry. His observations shed light on both the achievements and challenges faced by actors and models in the country. As Pakistani media continues to evolve, discussions like these contribute to a better understanding of the industry’s dynamics and its future prospects.