Celebrating love and laughter: Jibran Nasir rings in 37th birthday in intimate ceremony with Mansha Pasha.

Renowned civil rights activist Jibran Nasir marked his 37th birthday on Saturday, celebrating in an intimate ceremony with his wife, Pakistani actor Mansha Pasha. Despite running as an independent candidate in elections previously, Nasir, unfortunately, did not secure a win.

In a heartwarming Instagram post, Mansha shared a glimpse into their celebration, including an unguarded video capturing the couple’s humorous struggle to take photos. Jibran playfully resisted complying with his wife’s pose requests, resulting in amusing snapshots.

Mansha, in her caption, humorously attributed their limited couple photos to Jibran’s antics, expressing her deep affection by stating, “He’s the reason we hardly have photos together, but he’s my love, so I can’t even get mad.” She continued, “Happy birthday Jibran Nasir, hope you have the most wonderful year (with me), I love you,” and added a touch of playfulness with an Instagram rendition of Pharrell Williams’ hit song “Happy.”

In a previous appearance on the FWhy Podcast last year, Mansha Pasha had shared insights into her relationship with Jibran Nasir, narrating how it blossomed online, developed into a close friendship, and eventually led to their marriage. The actor fondly reminisced about their journey, providing fresh details for the audience about the unique path their relationship took.