Caribbean-flavored T20 world cup in the U.S. aims to make cricket a global sensation.

The upcoming Twenty20 World Cup in June, co-hosted by six Caribbean countries and the United States, aims to establish cricket more firmly in the U.S. sporting landscape. Tournament director Fawwaz Baksh envisions the event as a memorable party with strong Caribbean influences, intending to inject cricket into the competitive U.S. sports market. The tournament, hosted in New York, Miami, and Dallas, is expected to appeal to a broad audience, with a focus on creating a festive atmosphere.

Baksh emphasized the importance of making the global showcase a grand celebration, leveraging the reputation of the West Indies for a vibrant party atmosphere. The demand for tickets has been promising, with over 1.2 million applications from 126 countries, including a significant response from the U.S. and the West Indies within the first 48 hours of the public ballot launch. The T20 World Cup, featuring 20 teams, is seen as an opportunity to introduce cricket to a wider audience and revitalize interest in the sport, particularly in the U.S.

To ensure broad attendance and fan engagement, ticket prices for the tournament start at a reasonable $6. Baksh believes that by making tickets attractive and accessible, the event can set a standard for future global cricket tournaments. The success of the T20 World Cup in creating a lasting impact on the U.S. sports landscape is a key goal for organizers.