Inflation surges by 1.8% in january, annual rate reaches 28.3% in Pakistan.

In January, the inflation rate in Pakistan experienced a further increase of 1.8%, according to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS). The annual inflation rate has now reached 28.3%, with the previous month recording rates of 30.2% in urban areas, 25.7% in rural areas, and an average inflation rate of 28.73% from July to January.

In urban areas, the cost of chicken surged by 31.44%, tomatoes by 28.28%, onions by 28%, and eggs by 17% last month. The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics also reported an 8.31% increase in vegetable prices, 7.63% in pulses, 5% in tea, 15% in transport fares, 6.84% in garments, and 6.45% in electricity.

On an annual basis, tomatoes witnessed a staggering 154% increase, gas surged by 520%, electricity by 70%, and transport by 41%. The rising inflation has contributed to the escalating cost of living in various sectors across the country.