Financial Struggles Plague Pakistan Hockey Federation Employees

Employees of the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) have been deprived of their salaries for the past six months, compelling them to lead compromised lives. According to sources, the staff at the Lahore headquarters is facing financial hardships, and employees have recently demanded prompt salary disbursements.

The PHF has stated that the ailing employees lack funds for medical treatments, citing a recent case where a staff member faced heart-related complications. The situation has prompted employees to advocate for immediate action to fulfill their financial rights.

Furthermore, both senior and junior players are also grappling with payment issues related to their duties. Captain Imad Shakil Butt raised concerns about the delay in receiving allowances after participating in the Olympic qualifying rounds. The PHF claims that funds allocated by the government have not been released, and the opening of an assignment account is essential to address these financial challenges.

The PHF reported that there is currently one month’s worth of salaries available, while the remaining balance for the past approximately five months is from the previous regime. The present administration is burdened with settling outstanding payments of around 80 million rupees.

In recent developments, the current administration halted account operations in the last week of December, leading to the closure of the Federation’s accounts. To navigate the financial challenges ahead, the PHF administration deems it imperative to reopen the assignment account.

The situation reflects a dire financial crunch within the PHF, impacting both its employees and players. As the federation grapples with internal financial management issues, the broader repercussions are felt by those associated with the sport, jeopardizing the overall functioning and morale within Pakistan’s hockey community. Immediate attention and financial support are crucial to alleviate the distress faced by employees and athletes, ensuring the smooth operation and development of hockey in the country.