Bilawal Bhutto Criticizes PTI Government’s Economic Decisions and Advocates for Inclusive Policies

Chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, has voiced criticism against the PTI government, likening its economic decisions to those of Imran Khan, claiming a breach of the IMF agreement for three months. Bilawal emphasized that the burden of incorrect economic decisions is not on Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif but on the people.

Speaking at a private university in Islamabad, Bilawal shared insights into the bureaucratic mindset in Islamabad, asserting that the bureaucracy neither wants to take action nor allows others to do so. He highlighted that understanding the psyche of the bureaucracy is crucial, especially during the 18 months of federal governance.

Bilawal asserted that the current political landscape in Pakistan is marked by the rise of a politics of hatred and division. He suggested that even winning the elections for the fourth time will not lead to practical implementation of Nawaz Sharif’s manifesto without embracing new ideas. Bilawal urged political leaders not to engage in vindictive politics if they win the elections and advocated for the opposition to let the government function.

Addressing economic issues, Bilawal outlined the subsidies provided to the elite class, the power sector, and the fertilizer industry. He pledged to eliminate all subsidies for the aristocracy and redirect funds to provide relief for the lower-income strata. Bilawal also proposed offering up to 300 units of free electricity to the public and providing other facilities while urging for the elimination of all subsidies for the privileged class.

Responding to the challenge thrown by Nawaz Sharif regarding policy discussion, Bilawal expressed readiness to engage in a dialogue in Thar, Karachi, or Gwadar, emphasizing that if Nawaz Sharif understands his policies, he should come forward for a discussion.

Bilawal condemned the technical knockout imposed on the PPP, asserting that they anticipate the same with the PTI. He highlighted that the majority of the people do not want Nawaz Sharif to become the Prime Minister for the fourth time. Bilawal called out the opposition for pursuing undemocratic practices and questioned the motives behind the fear instilled in the PML-N. He concluded by challenging the Punjab government to explain their actions after the May 9th incident, questioning why the PML-N is hiding behind Jiyalas.

In summary, Bilawal Bhutto’s address underscores his critique of the PTI government’s economic decisions, advocates for inclusive policies, and challenges political rivals to engage in constructive dialogue for the betterment of Pakistan.