Election Commission of Pakistan Issues Guidelines for Polling Officers as General Elections Approach

As the general elections in Pakistan are scheduled for February 8th, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has released special directives for Presiding and Assistant Presiding Officers who will play a crucial role in the electoral process.

According to the issued guidelines, Presiding and Assistant Presiding Officers are instructed to reach their respective polling stations two hours before the commencement of polling. The directives emphasize the importance of these officers arriving promptly to ensure the smooth setup and functioning of the polling stations.

The ECP’s instructions highlight that Presiding and Assistant Presiding Officers are to meticulously record all relevant information on the file of ballot papers counters. This meticulous record-keeping is essential for the transparency and accuracy of the election process.

Additionally, the guidelines outline specific measures related to the placement of thumb impressions on the counterfoils of ballot papers. Voters are advised to place their left thumb impression for men and right thumb impression for women, along with a designated government seal on the back of the ballot papers.

Furthermore, the guidelines detail the placement of a unique number-specific government seal on the back of the ballot papers. This measure aims to enhance the security and traceability of each ballot paper, contributing to the integrity of the electoral process.

It is crucial to note that the ECP has established a polling scheme for the upcoming elections, with a total of over 90,675 polling stations set up across the country. Among these, there are 25,320 polling stations designated for male voters and 23,950 for female voters. The summary released by the ECP underscores that there will be 41,405 joint polling stations where both male and female voters will cast their votes.

As the elections draw near, these guidelines serve as a comprehensive framework to ensure the fairness, transparency, and efficiency of the electoral process. The ECP’s meticulous planning, along with the dedication of polling officers, is essential for conducting free and fair elections, upholding the democratic values of the nation.