Myriam françois sparks viral sensation with passionate critique of western actions in red sea region.

Journalist and filmmaker Myriam François has become a viral sensation, captivating a global audience of 170,000 on Instagram, after delivering a fervent condemnation of what she perceives as Western hypocrisy in response to military actions in the Red Sea region.

During a recent appearance on Sky News’s Monday evening show, François passionately addressed the ongoing conflict involving Houthi rebels and the disruption of shipping routes. She did not mince words, expressing outrage at what she sees as a stark contradiction in Western policies.

François particularly criticized the West’s military intervention in Yemen, one of the world’s poorest countries facing humanitarian crises and famine under a prolonged blockade. She emphasized the incongruity of prioritizing trade discussions while innocent lives are at stake.

In her fiery interview, François exclaimed, “We are bombing the poorest country in the world that has been under a humanitarian blockade? There has been famine. These people have been decimated, and we are bombing them because a couple of guys and dinghies in support for the Palestinians who are having a genocide committed against them.”

The journalist, holding a PhD from Oxford University with a focus on Islamic movements in Morocco, clarified her stance, expressing solidarity with the Houthi rebels’ objection to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen and their support for Palestinians facing what she termed a “genocide” by Israel in Gaza.

François, who has a background working with BBC World and TRT World, as well as teaching at global universities including Harvard, emphasized the need to address the global stance on the conflict, particularly in light of Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Her impassioned statements on Sky News’s Monday evening show have resonated widely on the internet, drawing support for her critique of Western actions in the Red Sea and Gaza. The discussion, where François appeared alongside financier Bill Browder, has generated significant interest in the journalist and her perspective on pressing global issues.