Nawaz Sharif Announces Infrastructure Development in Mianwali

Former Prime Minister and leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), Nawaz Sharif, made a significant announcement during an election rally in Mianwali, declaring plans for the construction of an airport in the region.

Addressing the crowd at an electoral gathering, Nawaz Sharif highlighted the achievements of his government, claiming to have successfully ended load shedding, provided affordable electricity and gas, and generated employment opportunities. He lamented that the subsequent administrations had marred Pakistan’s progress and subjected the nation to economic challenges.

Nawaz Sharif reminisced about his tenure, emphasizing that had his government completed its term, the succeeding administration would have also been under PML-N. He accused the current rulers of plunging Pakistan into economic turmoil and questioned the accountability of those responsible for the deterioration.

Expressing concerns over the depreciation of the Pakistani rupee against the US dollar, Nawaz Sharif criticized the current government’s economic policies. He claimed that during his tenure, the exchange rate was stable at 104 rupees per dollar, contrasting it with the present volatility. He also accused those who “ruined” the country during his absence.

Nawaz Sharif acknowledged the challenges in rebuilding Pakistan and urged the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to reconsider their allegiance to the ruling party. He noted that although he was pleased to be back in Mianwali, the country’s overall situation left him disheartened.

The former Prime Minister pledged to build a medical college in Mianwali if given the opportunity. However, he cautioned that reviving the nation would not be an easy task and would require extensive reconstruction. Nawaz Sharif took the opportunity to criticize voters in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, suggesting that they fell for false promises made by another political party.

Highlighting his contributions to infrastructure development, Nawaz Sharif claimed to have initiated motorway projects, lamenting that the previous administration hindered the expansion of these initiatives. He pointed to his vision for railway connectivity, stating that had he not been removed, a train would be running from Islamabad to Mianwali and Multan.

Nawaz Sharif also expressed dissatisfaction with the state of vegetables’ prices during the current government, contrasting it with the affordability during his tenure. He criticized those who, according to him, deliberately sabotaged the progress made.

In a forward-looking statement, Nawaz Sharif announced plans for the construction of an airport in Mianwali and the establishment of colleges and universities, promising affordable facilities for the people. He reiterated the need for Pakistan’s reconstruction and appealed to the public to consider the PML-N’s agenda for development and progress.

The announcement underscores Nawaz Sharif’s commitment to regional development and infrastructure projects, presenting an alternative vision for Mianwali’s future under the PML-N leadership.