Zaka Ashraf Resigns as Chairman of Management Committee and Board of Governors

In a recent development, Zaka Ashraf has tendered his resignation as the Chairman of the Management Committee and member of the Board of Governors. Zaka Ashraf was appointed as the Chairman of the Management Committee, succeeding Najam Sethi, but he has chosen to step down, forwarding his resignation to the Caretaker Prime Minister Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar.

Zaka Ashraf’s decision to resign from his role as Chairman comes as a surprise, especially since he was recently appointed to spearhead the Management Committee. However, Zaka Ashraf explained his departure by stating that he had been working towards the improvement of cricket, but the current circumstances made it impossible for him to continue in his role.

In his official statement, Zaka Ashraf expressed his dedication to the betterment of cricket, acknowledging the challenges the cricketing landscape faces. He emphasized the importance of working collectively for the improvement of the sport, indicating that his resignation was a result of his commitment to the cause.

Zaka Ashraf’s resignation now leaves the crucial position of Chairman vacant, prompting attention to who the Caretaker Prime Minister will nominate as a replacement. The resignation underscores the dynamic nature of cricket administration and the challenges faced in ensuring effective leadership.

Zaka Ashraf concluded by noting that he is relinquishing his responsibilities, leaving the decision of his successor in the hands of the Prime Minister. The sudden change in leadership raises questions about the future direction of the cricket management committee and the potential impact on the sport in the country.

As the cricketing community awaits the announcement of the new Chairman, the resignation of Zaka Ashraf marks a notable development in cricket administration. The subsequent appointments and decisions made by the Caretaker Prime Minister will play a crucial role in shaping the trajectory of cricket governance in the country.