PSL 9 Anthem Faces Controversy as Ali Zafar’s Participation Sparks Franchise Dispute

With just a month left for the commencement of the ninth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), fans eagerly await the official anthem, adding to the excitement surrounding the upcoming tournament.

Reports suggest that the PSL management reached out to the renowned singer Ali Zafar, known for his anthems in previous PSL editions. However, a controversy arose when one franchise objected to Ali Zafar’s involvement, leading to support from two other franchises against his inclusion.

Allegedly, Ali Zafar’s exclusion is related to harassment allegations against him, causing discomfort among the franchises. Sources indicate that one franchise voiced concerns over potential negative publicity associated with Ali Zafar, prompting two others to rally behind the opposing franchise.

According to reports, the objection is not rooted in a personal dispute but rather a strategic move by some franchises to avoid any controversies that may tarnish the well-established PSL brand. They advocate for collaboration with a non-controversial singer to produce the anthem and maintain the league’s positive image.

Sources further reveal that some franchises have formally requested the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) not to consider Ali Zafar for the anthem, emphasizing the need to strengthen the PSL brand without engaging in unnecessary disputes.

PSL management has already initiated the shortlisting process for other singers and performers to replace Ali Zafar. The intention is to ensure a seamless and positive launch for PSL 9’s anthem.

It is crucial to note that PSL 9 is scheduled to kick off on February 17, running through March 18. The anthem, a traditional pre-tournament excitement builder, plays a pivotal role in engaging fans and setting the tone for the league. As controversies surrounding anthems can have a lasting impact on a tournament’s perception, PSL organizers are taking proactive steps to maintain the league’s integrity and appeal to a broad audience.