Overview of Pakistan’s 2024 General Elections: Candidates and Statistics

The Election Commission of Pakistan has released data on the candidates for the upcoming 2024 general elections in Islamabad. According to the commission, a total of 5,121 candidates are vying for the 266 general seats in the National Assembly. Among them, 4,807 are male candidates, and 312 are female candidates, with an interesting addition of 2 transgender candidates participating in the National Assembly elections.

Notably, the number of independent candidates contesting the general seats is significant. Out of a total of 1,873 candidates running on various political party tickets, 1,780 are male, and 93 are female. Additionally, 3,248 independent candidates, including 3,027 males, 219 females, and 2 transgender individuals, will be competing for National Assembly seats.

Moving to the provincial assemblies, a staggering 12,695 candidates are in the race for general seats. Among them, 4,158 are affiliated with political parties, while 8,536 are independent candidates contesting for provincial assembly seats.

Breaking down the provincial numbers, Punjab Assembly will witness 6,710 candidates competing, with 1,874 associated with political parties and 4,836 running independently. In Sindh, there are 2,878 candidates in contention, with 949 affiliated with political parties and 1,929 running independently. For the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly, 1,834 candidates will be contesting, including 801 on party tickets and 1,033 independently. Lastly, Balochistan Assembly will see 1,273 candidates, with 534 from political parties and 739 as independent candidates.

This election reflects a diverse and competitive political landscape, with a notable number of independent candidates across the country. The inclusion of transgender candidates is a positive step towards promoting inclusivity in the political process. As the nation braces for the elections, these statistics provide a comprehensive overview of the vast array of candidates and parties contributing to the democratic process in Pakistan.