Bollywood-Pakistani Ensemble Cast Unites for the Premiere of “Drama Alay” in Kartarpur

In a display of cross-border camaraderie, a Bollywood delegation, featuring actors Harish Verma, Shern Kaur, Jaskaran Gill, Chandrkamboj, Rajwinder, Baljeet Singh, and Sapna, visited Kartarpur, Pakistan. The Pakistani entertainment industry warmly welcomed Bollywood stars including actress Ruby Anam, Qaiser Piya, Sardar Kamal, Azhar Butt, Asif Iqbal, and Shajar Abbas, extending their hospitality to the visiting celebrities.

The Bollywood delegation, along with their Pakistani counterparts, attended the Kartarpur Sahib Gurudwara, participating in religious rituals to pay their respects. Harish Verma, one of the Bollywood actors, expressed gratitude for the serene environment Kartarpur offered, stating that the memories of this visit would be etched in their hearts forever. He expressed reluctance to leave, promising to return and continue the bond of love shared by both nations.

Shern Kaur, another Bollywood actress, found it challenging to articulate the beauty of Kartarpur, making her first visit a dreamlike experience. She expressed her desire to return, emphasizing that coming to Kartarpur felt like a dream.

Jaskaran Singh shared that the entire credit for the success of their trip goes to the producer Azhar Butt. While pledging to continue making films, he assured that they are leaving with hearts filled with love.

Kartarpur served as the backdrop for the premiere of the film “Drama Alay,” featuring a cast that transcends borders. The film, which includes actors from both India and Pakistan, stars Qaiser Piya, Sardar Kamal, Asif Iqbal, Shahid Khan, Ruby Anam, Harish Verma, and Shern Kaur. Scheduled for release on January 19, the movie is anticipated to bridge cinematic collaboration between the two neighboring countries.

The event provided a platform for cultural exchange and collaboration, emphasizing the shared love for the film industry, hoping to foster stronger ties between Bollywood and Pakistani cinema. The cast members echoed sentiments of unity and expressed their hope for a future filled with more such collaborations that transcend boundaries and celebrate the shared passion for storytelling.