PTI Denies Ticket to Arif Alvi’s Son; Sher Afzal Murwat Expresses Discontent

In a surprising turn of events, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has reportedly refused to grant a ticket to Arif Alvi’s son, a decision criticized by PTI’s Senior Vice President Sher Afzal Murwat. Addressing the media during PTI rallies in Karachi’s Chanesar Goth, Azam Basti, Mahmoodabad, and Pehlwan Goth, Murwat expressed his dissatisfaction with the party’s decision.

During his speech, Sher Afzal Murwat accused the Election Commission of extreme measures, alleging that symbols such as “brinjal,” “drum,” and “dhol” provided by the commission for the upcoming elections on February 8 were designed to favor vote rigging. He claimed that despite assurances, the leaders of his party, including himself, were not granted bail, and Imran Khan is facing 202 cases. Additionally, Murwat highlighted the significant number of people leaving their homes nationwide and the enthusiasm of the people in Karachi, asserting that they are ready for the upcoming elections.

Sher Afzal Murwat continued to voice his grievances, stating that despite the provision of guarantees, their leaders were not granted relief. He drew attention to Imran Khan’s silence on the matter, questioning why there hasn’t been any intervention against the cases filed against PTI leaders. He also mentioned that PTI leader Arif Alvi’s son had been denied a party ticket. According to Murwat, Arif Alvi had given an opportunity to Prime Minister Imran Khan to legislate as he pleased. Still, when President Alvi went on Hajj, PTI made amendments to the Election Act and the Military Act. He emphasized that the responsibility for determining the election date lies with the President, and the President, Arif Alvi, wanted to hand over this responsibility to the Election Commission. Murwat concluded by stating that he does not believe PTI and Arif Alvi can move forward together, and he has requested to be allowed to work for the party until February 8. After this date, he expressed disinterest in remaining in this conspiratorial environment and mentioned that if they continue to speak against him, he will not be influenced by any commitment.