Supreme Court Sets Hearing for PTI Foreign Funding Case on January 10

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has scheduled a hearing on January 10 to consider the petition regarding the alleged foreign funding of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), marked by the party’s symbol, the bat.

During the proceedings at the Supreme Court, the request related to the PTI’s foreign funding, originating from the playing field of the leveling plea, saw the appearance of PTI leader Hammad Khan. Chief Justice inquired from Hammad Khan if he wished to schedule the hearing for tomorrow. In response, Hammad Khan requested an immediate hearing today.

Chief Justice, Justice Gulzar Ahmed, pointed out that there is a full bench today, with nine members present, and a special bench as well. Hammad Khan insisted on the urgency and suggested conducting the hearing today; otherwise, it could be scheduled for tomorrow.

Chief Justice questioned whether Hammad Khan came against the judgment or if it was a petition under Article 184/3. Hammad Khan clarified that the petition was filed under Article 185/3 challenging the Peshawar High Court’s order.

Chief Justice remarked that if it’s not possible to proceed with the matter today, then it will be scheduled for tomorrow. Subsequently, the court decided to set the hearing for the PTI foreign funding case marked by the bat symbol on January 10, providing a forum for the parties involved to present their arguments and evidence.

This development in the legal proceedings signifies the continuation of the scrutiny into the foreign funding allegations against PTI, a matter that has been subject to legal scrutiny and public attention. The scheduled hearing on January 10 is expected to bring further clarity and progression to this case.