FIA Seeks Details from Pakistan Hockey Federation Regarding Foreign Currency Transactions

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has initiated an inquiry into the financial transactions of the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) by sending a letter, requesting details of their purchase of foreign currency from the open market.

The FIA, expanding its investigation into the financial affairs of the hockey federation, has sought information from the PHF regarding the acquisition of approximately 5 crore rupees in foreign currency. The letter addressed to the PHF emphasizes the need for detailed information on the purchase of foreign currency, specifically questioning the amount of around 4.72 crore rupees spent by the federation between 2015 and 2017. The FIA is keen to understand the sources and timing of these foreign currency transactions.

This development follows recent recommendations by the PHF President, Tariq Bajwa, urging the Ministry of Interior to include names of those involved in corruption within the federation in the Exit Control List (ECL).

The PHF has been informed that certain cases are under investigation by the FIA, prompting the federation to cooperate fully. The letter underscores the necessity for transparency in financial dealings and warns of stringent actions if any wrongdoing is established. It also suggests that individuals under investigation should not be allowed to leave the country until the inquiries are concluded.

It is worth noting that in recent days, the PHF president, Tariq Bajwa, has written to the Ministry of Interior, recommending the inclusion of names involved in corruption within the federation in the ECL.

Tariq Bajwa clarified that the letter to the Ministry of Interior is in response to ongoing inquiries by the FIA, urging authorities to include the names of individuals against whom investigations are ongoing in the ECL. This measure is seen as an effort to ensure accountability and prevent those under investigation from leaving the country.

In conclusion, the FIA’s scrutiny of the PHF’s financial transactions, coupled with efforts to curb corruption within the federation, highlights the growing emphasis on accountability in sports organizations in Pakistan. The outcome of this inquiry is anticipated to shed light on the financial practices of the PHF and may have implications for the future governance of sports bodies in the country.