Chadian opposition leader succes Masra appointed prime minister in transitional government.

N’DJAMENA (Reuters) – Following a recent agreement with the ruling junta, Chadian opposition leader Succes Masra, who returned to the central African country, has been named as the prime minister of the transitional government, as confirmed by the presidency on Monday.

The appointment of Masra is perceived as a strategic move by the junta, possibly aimed at reconciling with the opposition amid tensions stemming from a constitutional referendum. During this referendum, a majority of opposition political parties advocated either a boycott or a “no” vote.

Masra, known for his staunch opposition to the junta that assumed power in April 2021, had fled the country after a violent crackdown by security forces on demonstrations in the capital, N’Djamena, on October 20, 2022, resulting in casualties and injuries.

Following his departure, the government issued an international warrant for Masra’s arrest. However, in a notable development in late October, both the government and Masra reached an agreement, permitting his return to Chad.

The official announcement of Masra’s appointment was made through a decree broadcasted on national television, marking a significant development in the ongoing political landscape of Chad.