Social media sensation Chahat Fateh Ali Khan enters political arena, files candidature for NA-128 Lahore.

In a surprising twist of events, renowned social media sensation and artist Chahat Fateh Ali Khan has made a foray into the political landscape. A viral video circulating on social media features the famous musician revealing that he has submitted his candidature papers for the upcoming National Assembly elections from NA-128, Lahore.

In the video, adorned in a green shalwar kameez, Chahat Fateh Ali Khan greets the audience in his distinctive and unconventional manner.

Link to Tweet: Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s Tweet

In a bold declaration, he announces his candidacy for the NA-128 Lahore constituency of the National Assembly, marking a surprising shift in his public persona from a musical entertainer to a political contender.

This unexpected decision has left many people astonished, considering Chahat’s reputation as a social media personality with over 1.9 million YouTube subscribers, known for his comical and unconventional songs that have gained viral attention.

Details about his political campaign remain relatively scarce, adding to the intrigue surrounding this unexpected move. Interestingly, Chahat did not personally file the nomination papers; instead, a lawyer undertook the filing on his behalf, raising questions about the specifics of his political agenda and strategy.

As Chahat Fateh Ali Khan takes a leap into the political arena, it remains to be seen how his unique public image and online presence will translate into the realm of politics, adding an element of curiosity to the upcoming National Assembly elections.