Maiden pharmaceuticals denies tampering allegations amid gambia syrup controversy.

In response to allegations linking its cough syrups to child deaths in Gambia, Maiden Pharmaceuticals, based in India, has vehemently denied accusations of tampering with test samples or engaging in bribery. The company’s founder, Naresh Kumar Goyal, refuted the claims, asserting there is no evidence against them and no involvement in any corrupt practices. While a state investigator is close to concluding a probe into the matter, Goyal contends that neither he nor any company representative has been summoned. The World Health Organization previously linked Maiden’s syrups to child fatalities, but conflicting results emerged from Indian government laboratory tests, causing further controversy. The company’s closed factory is reportedly undergoing renovation, pending inspection for reopening, though the Indian government appears cautious about the prospect. No decision is expected before the upcoming general election in May, with concerns about potential public backlash.