Jamaat-e-Islami Leader Siraj-ul-Haq Foresees Systemic Change on February 8

Jamaat-e-Islami’s chief, Siraj-ul-Haq, has proclaimed that the deteriorating system will be overthrown on February 8, heralding a victory for the people. Addressing the press in Lahore, he expressed his belief that the United States desires Pakistan to remain under its loyal rulers.

Siraj-ul-Haq asserted that Jamaat-e-Islami, with the support of the people, will defeat the proponents of imperialism. He contended that for 75 years, common Pakistanis have been subjected to exploitation, and the parliament predominantly represents oppressive landlords.

According to Siraj-ul-Haq, there is no substantial difference in the policies of major political parties, including the PML-N, PPP, and PTI. He criticized the governance structure, highlighting that the nation is ruled by around forty to fifty influential families.

He emphasized that Pakistan should be governed not by dynasties but in accordance with the principles of Islam. The leader’s remarks indicate a strong stance against the existing political landscape and a call for a systemic transformation rooted in Islamic governance.

As the February 8 date approaches, the statements by Siraj-ul-Haq raise questions about the potential developments and shifts in Pakistan’s political dynamics. The address underlines the dissatisfaction with the current system and reflects the aspirations of a significant portion of the population for a more just and equitable governance structure. Observers will closely monitor the events surrounding this anticipated date and the subsequent political developments in the country.