Comcast’s xfinity iscloses unauthorized access to internal systems, customer data compromised.

On Monday, Comcast’s Xfinity revealed that it experienced unauthorized access to its internal systems between October 16 and October 19. Xfinity, known for providing video, broadband, and phone services, stated that it has initiated an investigation into the incident and has notified federal law enforcement.

The unauthorized access resulted in the compromise of customer information, including usernames, hashed passwords, contact details, and the last four digits of social security numbers. Xfinity clarified that the breach was attributable to a vulnerability in Citrix software and assured that the related software risk has been addressed and resolved.

The data breach was initially detected on October 25 during a routine cybersecurity exercise. Xfinity has been actively analyzing the extent of the breach, emphasizing that the investigation is still ongoing.

In response to the incident, Xfinity is taking necessary steps to address the breach’s impact on customer data security, demonstrating the ongoing challenges companies face in safeguarding sensitive information against cyber threats.