Resignations of Three Assistant Professors at Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar Raise Concerns

In the past three months, Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar has seen the resignation of three Assistant Professors, including renowned pediatric cardiac surgeon Dr. Tariq Sahil. The resignations come as a significant blow to the hospital’s medical faculty and have raised concerns about the challenges faced by healthcare professionals in the region.

According to hospital sources, the three Assistant Professors who tendered their resignations are Dr. Tariq Sahil, a pioneer in pediatric cardiac surgery, Dr. Taher Muhammad from the anesthesia department, and Dr. Farooq Abdullah specializing in pediatric surgery.

Dr. Tariq Sahil, who served as the sole pediatric cardiac surgeon for children across the province, cited economic crises, the closure of health cards, and the unavailability of medications in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) as reasons for his resignation. His departure leaves a significant void in specialized pediatric cardiac care in the region.

Dr. Farooq Abdullah, who had returned to Pakistan from an overseas job in 2021 to serve in LRH, mentioned difficulties arising from the lack of surgical equipment, medication shortages, and delays in salary disbursements as factors influencing his decision to resign.

These resignations underscore the broader challenges faced by healthcare professionals in the country, ranging from economic instability to deficiencies in medical infrastructure and resources. Dr. Tariq Sahil’s departure, in particular, highlights the critical need for retaining specialized healthcare professionals, especially in fields like pediatric cardiac surgery where expertise is scarce.

In response to these resignations, the hospital spokesperson reassured the public that measures are being taken to recruit new doctors and address the shortage. They emphasized the commitment to ensuring that the hospital continues to provide quality healthcare services despite the challenges.

The situation at Lady Reading Hospital calls attention to the urgent need for comprehensive reforms in the healthcare sector, encompassing improvements in infrastructure, resource allocation, and policies to retain skilled medical professionals. The government and relevant authorities must prioritize addressing these issues to safeguard the healthcare system’s functionality and ensure that hospitals can continue to deliver vital services to the public.