Airport Security Exempts Judges and Their Families from Searches Following Civil Aviation Authority Directive

In response to the directive issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), airport security forces have issued an official notification exempting judges and their families from searches at airports.

The CAA’s directive, guided by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), emphasized refraining from conducting searches on Chief Justices and their spouses at airports across the country.

According to the official notification issued by airport security forces, the directive extends to judges of the superior judiciary and their spouses, ensuring that they will not be subjected to security searches at airports nationwide.

The exemption from security searches for judges and their families aligns with a broader directive from the SECP, issued on October 12th, granting immunity from searches as per the Supreme Court’s instructions.

The Secretary of Aviation, acting upon the Supreme Court’s guidance, formally issued the directive to exempt judges and their families from security searches at airports. This move underscores the respect and privileges accorded to the judiciary within the framework of airport security measures.

The directive comes as part of efforts to uphold the dignity and status of the judiciary, acknowledging the importance of safeguarding judges and their families from routine security procedures at airports. This decision reflects a balance between maintaining stringent security measures and recognizing the unique position of judges within the legal and administrative system.

As the aviation sector responds to evolving security protocols, such directives play a crucial role in delineating the boundaries of security procedures concerning high-ranking officials and their families. The exemption aligns with the broader aim of ensuring a secure and dignified travel experience for judges, acknowledging their role in upholding justice and the rule of law in the country.