Sonu Nigam responds to plagiarism allegations, apologizes to Omer Nadeem.

Renowned singer Sonu Nigam has addressed allegations made by Omer Nadeem, who accused Sonu of copying his song ‘Aye Khuda’ in the T-series track ‘Sun Zara’. Sonu, in response, offered a sincere apology, acknowledging unintentional similarities and explaining that he was approached by KRK to sing the song. He stated that he would have declined if he had been aware of Omer’s version.

Sonu’s apology was shared on Instagram, where he expressed deep respect for Omer’s talent. In Hindi, Sonu praised Omer’s work, commending his singing abilities and offering blessings.

Omer Nadeem, in turn, accepted Sonu’s apology and lauded his talent. He thanked Sonu, expressing immense respect for his voice.

The controversy arose on December 2 when Omer pointed out similarities between “Sun Zara” and his 2009 song. Notably, credits for ‘Sun Zara’ did not mention Omer, leading to accusations of plagiarism. The resolution of the issue sees Sonu Nigam extending an apology and Omer Nadeem appreciating the gesture, highlighting the complexities surrounding artistic inspiration and originality in the music industry.