Nawaz Sharif Urges Accountability for the Nation’s Setbacks and Emphasizes Merit in Politics

In a recent address to the parliamentary board meeting of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) in Lahore, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif advocated for addressing the injustices committed against the country. Sharif reflected on the positive trajectory of the PML-N government in 2017, highlighting a period of economic stability, contentment among laborers and farmers, and minimal load shedding.

Sharif remarked that during this time, Pakistan witnessed substantial progress, leading opponents to envy the PML-N’s potential to sweep the 2018 elections. However, he expressed dismay over the subsequent turn of events, questioning the reasons behind the unforeseen changes.

The former Prime Minister repeatedly emphasized the need for accountability, stating that the nation deserves to know the reasons behind the setbacks. Despite his persistent inquiries, Sharif lamented the absence of satisfactory answers. He stressed that those seeking PML-N tickets must rise above personal interests and prioritize the welfare of the nation.

Sharif underscored the global advancements, expressing concern over Pakistan’s lagging position. He called for collective realization, urging citizens to lament why Pakistan finds itself among the world’s less developed nations. He painted a picture of a nation where citizens have lost their earnings to inflation, electricity bills go unpaid, and even basic necessities like vegetables and pulses have become unaffordable.

Criticizing the current state of affairs, Sharif asserted that Pakistan should have been far ahead after 75 years of existence. He questioned why the country faced such hardships and reiterated that accountability for injustices requires individuals to transcend personal considerations.

Sharif highlighted the importance of merit in politics, urging those seeking PML-N tickets to elevate their thinking beyond personal interests. He called for a collective effort to bring the nation back on track, emphasizing the need to rectify the injustices committed against the country. Sharif’s address echoed a plea for transparency, accountability, and a merit-based political landscape for the betterment of Pakistan.