PTI Challenges Intra-Party Elections in Election Commission; Allegations of Sham and Deprivation Surface

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) founder and leader, Akbar Ayub Babar, has submitted a formal complaint to the Election Commission, challenging the legitimacy of the intra-party elections. Babar’s formal request contends that the elections were mere showmanship, marked by deception, denying party members their right to vote. He accuses the party of not disclosing election rules, schedules, and procedures, urging the Election Commission to declare the elections null and void.

In his complaint, Babar emphasizes that the Election Act demands leadership elections in all political parties, and sham intra-party elections should cease. He calls for an end to fraudulent intra-party elections, emphasizing the need to enforce electoral laws and regulations. The request includes video evidence and other documents supporting the allegations.

On the contrary, a PTI spokesperson has stated that the party has compiled documents related to intra-party elections as per constitutional and legal requirements. The Election Commission should proceed with impartial scrutiny rather than endorsing PTI’s claims. Islamabad resident and PTI member Raja Tahir Nawaz have also filed a similar petition, arguing that PTI’s intra-party elections were not conducted in accordance with the party constitution. Raja Tahir Nawaz suggests forming an independent panel to oversee the elections and calls for nullifying the results.

It is noteworthy that this development has unveiled internal strife within PTI, raising questions about the party’s commitment to democratic principles within its structure. The Election Commission’s decision on these challenges will be critical in shaping the party’s internal dynamics and could potentially influence public perception ahead of broader elections.