PM Advisor Anwar Kakar Directs PCB to Review Controversial Selections

In a move to uphold transparency and meritocracy within the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Prime Minister’s Advisor Anwar Kakar has issued a directive to review contested appointments in the PCB’s Selection Committee. Notably, former cricketer Salman Butt, who was recently appointed as a consultant, faced immediate revocation of his ‘controversial’ role following Kakar’s intervention.

Anwar Kakar emphasized that talent is abundant in Pakistan, asserting that the Selection Committee responsible for selecting players for cricket should operate without any disputes. The Prime Minister’s Advisor stressed the need for maintaining an impeccable reputation among selectors in the PCB Selection Committee.

Furthermore, Anwar Kakar directed the PCB to include selectors with a commendable reputation in the Selection Committee, highlighting the essential role of reputation in ensuring the credibility of the selection process.

The decision comes on the heels of recent appointments made by the PCB, which included cricketers Kamran Akmal, Rao Iftikhar Anjum, and Salman Butt as consultants to Chief Selector Wahab Riaz. However, the abrupt removal of Salman Butt from the consultant role underscores the sensitivity and scrutiny associated with the appointments.

During a press conference in Lahore, Chief Selector Wahab Riaz acknowledged the controversy surrounding Salman Butt’s name, citing the need to comprehend Salman Butt’s understanding of cricket. He clarified that while Salman Butt’s name was initially reinstated, the decision to retract it was made to prevent further unwarranted discussions.

Wahab Riaz expressed his independence in making decisions, stating that the move to bring Salman Butt back was his own and the decision to withdraw it was also entirely his. He reiterated his commitment to his role as Chief Selector, emphasizing that he would step down if his decisions negatively impacted the team’s performance.

The Chief Selector also addressed the perceptions of friendship with Salman Butt, asserting that he has the resilience to respond to criticisms and that not everyone can be pleased.

The PCB’s commitment to a thorough review of selections and the removal of controversial appointments underscores the importance of credibility and fairness in Pakistan’s cricketing landscape.