Bollywood Actor Gippy Grewal Faces Attack at Home, Denies Friendship with Salman Khan

Renowned Punjabi singer and actor, Gippy Grewal, revealed in an interview with Indian media that his house in Punjab was recently attacked by gangster Lawrence Bishnoi. Bishnoi claimed responsibility for the assault, stating that it was a message for Salman Khan, as he considers Gippy Grewal to be Salman’s brother.

Gippy Grewal clarified during the interview that despite rumors, he does not share a close friendship with Salman Khan. Expressing confusion over the motive behind the attack, Grewal pondered why such incidents were happening to him when he has no personal association with Salman Khan.

In a Facebook post, Lawrence Bishnoi justified the attack by stating that it was intended as a message for Salman Khan due to his perceived brotherly relationship with Gippy Grewal. However, Gippy Grewal countered this claim, asserting that he has only met Salman Khan twice. One occasion was during the trailer launch event of the film “Mujhse Shaadi Karogi,” where Salman Khan was invited by the film’s producer. The other meeting occurred on the set of the reality show “Bigg Boss.”

Despite his clarification, Gippy Grewal expressed bewilderment at being targeted and emphasized that he is still recovering from the shock of the incident. He maintained that he harbors no enmity towards anyone and is unable to fathom who might be behind the attack.

Indian media reports indicate that Gippy Grewal and his family are safe following the assault.

The incident has stirred curiosity in the entertainment industry, shedding light on the sometimes unpredictable nature of public figures’ associations and the unexpected events that can unfold in their lives. Grewal’s denial of a close friendship with Salman Khan adds a layer of intrigue to the motive behind the attack, making it a topic of discussion and speculation within the Bollywood and Punjabi entertainment circles.

As investigations unfold, the incident raises questions about the security and safety of celebrities, highlighting the challenges they face, even when their connections to high-profile personalities are not as portrayed or assumed by others.