Former PM Imran Khan’s Accountability Head Alleges Acid Attack at His London Residence

Shahzad Akbar, the head of the accountability team for former Prime Minister Imran Khan, has reported an alarming incident where an unidentified individual threw acid on his face at his residence near London on Sunday evening. The incident unfolded outside the residence of the ex-leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), sparking concerns about the safety and security of political figures abroad.

In a statement to Geo News, Akbar revealed that a delivery person arrived at his residence, and upon opening the door, he was subjected to an acid attack. Fortunately, the majority of the corrosive substance landed on the door, sparing him from severe injuries. However, he acknowledged sustaining minor injuries to his face as a small amount of acid splashed onto him.

Akbar assured that his wife and children were safe and unharmed during the attack. He emphasized that his family’s well-being is his top priority. The former PTI leader conveyed that the incident occurred in a small village near London, where he has been residing for the past one and a half months after shifting from London.

According to Akbar, he was outside London in a small rural village, emphasizing that the attack occurred when a delivery man rang the doorbell. The incident took place while he was with his two daughters nearby. Despite the terrifying encounter, Akbar underscored that his daughters were in the vicinity but were not directly affected.

Shahzad Akbar provided information to Geo News about the immediate aftermath of the attack, stating that he is currently residing in a different location, and his new address has been secured. He mentioned that the police have been informed about the incident, and investigations are underway to apprehend the assailant.

The shocking incident adds to the concerns regarding the safety of political figures, even in foreign countries. Shahzad Akbar’s role in overseeing accountability matters for Imran Khan’s government has garnered attention, and the attack raises questions about potential motives behind targeting him. As investigations progress, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the security challenges faced by public figures, necessitating increased vigilance and precautionary measures.