Jahangir Tareen, Patron of PTI, Stresses Poverty Alleviation for Pakistan’s Progress

Jahangir Tareen, the influential figure and Patron of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, has articulated his vision for Pakistan’s progress, emphasizing the eradication of poverty as the key to the nation’s advancement. Addressing a gathering in Kamonki, Tareen underscored that until poverty is eliminated, the country cannot move forward.

Asserting his non-political lineage, Tareen mentioned that he does not hail from a political dynasty; rather, he, along with other non-political individuals, supported Prime Minister Imran Khan to forge a new Pakistan. He called for collective efforts to bring about positive change and development in the nation.

Tareen expressed the belief that it is time to move forward, having learned valuable lessons from the past. He attributed his current position to hard work and emphasized that the transformation of people’s lives would lead to the transformation of Pakistan.

The PTI Patron conveyed plans to revamp all hospitals in a manner that would showcase the quality of government healthcare facilities to outsiders. He committed to achieving targets diligently and envisioned Pakistan as an agricultural powerhouse, attracting entrepreneurs who would establish factories in the country.

Highlighting the importance of fulfilling promises, Tareen remarked that political parties make commitments but often fail to follow through. In contrast, he assured that the PTI would deliver on its promises, advocating for standardized education in every household and the improvement of all government schools under their administration.

Addressing the agricultural sector, Tareen advocated for the cultivation of a Pakistan that the world would admire. He envisioned bringing in individuals with expertise in industrialization to establish factories in the country, contributing to economic growth.

Furthermore, Tareen criticized political parties for making promises they do not intend to keep. He pledged to fulfill every promise, advocating for standardized education in every household and the enhancement of all government schools under the PTI’s governance.

Jahangir Tareen’s statements reflect the PTI’s commitment to addressing poverty, promoting education, and fostering economic growth. The emphasis on learning from past experiences and delivering on promises aligns with the party’s narrative of creating a new and improved Pakistan. As the country navigates its developmental path, the implementation of these visions will play a crucial role in shaping Pakistan’s future.