Amazon workers stage strikes across Europe on black friday.

On Black Friday, Amazon workers participated in strikes and protests across Europe organized by the “Make Amazon Pay” campaign. Coordinated by the UNI Global Union, the campaign aimed to draw attention to Amazon’s working practices. The strikes and protests were planned to occur in more than 30 countries from Black Friday to Monday.

In Germany, where Amazon is the second-largest market by sales, trade union Verdi estimated that around 2,000 workers went on strike across six fulfillment centers. In the UK, over 200 workers at Amazon’s warehouse in Coventry participated in a strike over pay disputes. Workers in Italy, Spain, and France also engaged in strikes and protests.

The “Make Amazon Pay” campaign focuses on issues such as fair wages, better working conditions, and workers’ rights. Amazon spokespersons in various countries emphasized that only a small number of workers participated in the strikes, and the company continues to pay fair wages. Amazon highlighted its commitment to reliable and timely deliveries of Black Friday orders.

Despite the strikes, Amazon remains a popular e-commerce platform in Europe, with a large user base. The campaign sheds light on ongoing debates about workers’ rights, fair wages, and working conditions in the e-commerce industry.