Majority of EU countries call for stronger action on climate change’s health impact.

A joint paper from 20 European Union (EU) countries, including Germany, Greece, and the Netherlands, is urging the EU to take stronger action to prepare for the health consequences of climate change. The countries are calling for increased surveillance of health threats related to extreme weather, especially in light of rising global temperatures. The paper also recommends drafting plans to address climate-sensitive vector-borne diseases and enhancing the EU’s early warning and response system. The move comes as Europe faces severe health impacts due to changing climate conditions, including the recent heatwaves that led to an estimated 61,000 deaths.

Key Points:

  • Twenty EU member countries are urging stronger EU action to prepare for health consequences linked to climate change.
  • The countries emphasize the need for increased surveillance of health threats from extreme weather events and rising global temperatures.
  • Recommendations include drafting plans for infections of climate-sensitive vector-borne diseases and strengthening the early warning and response system.
  • The EU countries express concern about the potential spread of preventable infectious diseases within the EU without proactive measures.
  • The paper will be discussed by EU health ministers in an upcoming meeting, and the EU is working on its first climate risk assessment, set to be published next year.

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