Glenn Maxwell’s wife addresses cyberbullying after Australia’s world cup victory.

Vini Raman, the wife of Australian cricketer Glenn Maxwell, took to Instagram to respond to unpleasant direct messages targeting her husband after Australia’s historic victory in the ICC Men’s CWC 2023. Following India’s loss in the final, Raman called out cyberbullying and urged people to support their respective countries without resorting to hate. She emphasized that one can be Indian and still support the country where they were raised and the team their family members play for. Reports indicate instances of online abuse directed at Australian players post the World Cup final.

Key Points:

  • Vini Raman addressed cyberbullying targeting Glenn Maxwell after Australia’s World Cup victory.
  • She called out hate messages and urged people to support their countries without resorting to negativity.
  • Maxwell played a pivotal role in the tournament, contributing significantly to Australia’s success.
  • Instances of online abuse were reported after India’s loss to Australia in the World Cup final.

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