PPP Senator Raises Concerns Over Punjab Residents Seeking Free Treatment in Sindh

Senator Palwasha Khan of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has brought attention to the stark healthcare disparities between provinces, stating that people from Punjab are seeking free medical treatment in Sindh.

During a press conference responding to PML-N leader Rana Sanaullah’s remarks, Senator Palwasha Khan criticized the healthcare infrastructure in Punjab, asserting that Lahore’s popular singers have not established hospitals similar to Karachi’s Agha Khan University Hospital.

She questioned why Lahore, with its thriving music industry, has not built a trauma center akin to Karachi. Highlighting the apparent neglect of healthcare facilities, she emphasized the need for comprehensive medical facilities, especially trauma centers, in Lahore.

Senator Palwasha Khan further highlighted the contrast in healthcare services between Sindh and Punjab. According to her, residents of Punjab are compelled to travel to Sindh for free treatment of liver and kidney ailments, while Sindh boasts free medical facilities for such conditions.

The senator underscored the strides made by Sindh in healthcare, mentioning the province’s contributions to electricity generation, making the nation brighter. In contrast, she criticized Punjab, particularly Lahore, as a “dark spot” on the country’s map.

This statement by the PPP senator sheds light on the regional healthcare imbalances in Pakistan, emphasizing the need for equitable distribution of medical resources and infrastructure development across provinces. The disparity in access to free medical treatment underscores a broader issue of healthcare accessibility, signaling the importance of addressing these concerns at the national level to ensure the well-being of citizens across the country.