Brazilian cotton takes center stage at Sao Paulo fashion week’s denim celebration.

Sao Paulo, Brazil – Brazilian cotton producers stepped onto the runway at Sao Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW) on Thursday night, celebrating the 150th anniversary of jeans. Organized by the Sou de Algodao movement, the fashion show featured models showcasing 40 denim outfits, highlighting the significance of Brazilian cotton in the production of these iconic garments.

Renowned Brazilian fashion figure Paulo Martinez, who styled the show, emphasized the “indispensable” role of Brazilian cotton in manufacturing denim. Brazil is on the cusp of surpassing the United States as the largest global cotton exporter in the upcoming 2023/24 harvest, positioning itself as the third-largest global producer this season, following China and India, according to USDA data.

More than a competition for the top spot, the focus is on showcasing the quality of Brazil’s cotton to the industry and consumers, stated Alexandre Schenkel, the president of the Brazilian Cotton Producers Association (Abrapa). Over 80% of the country’s production adheres to environmental and social criteria with the ABR certification, featuring a QR code on clothing labels for traceability to the farm of origin.

The SPFW runway, according to Schenkel, symbolized the designers’ harvest, celebrating the universal appeal of jeans. “It was their harvest,” he said. “And everyone in the cotton chain is celebrating something I like – jeans. Who doesn’t have a piece of denim in their closet?”