Sea Guardian-2023: Bilateral Naval exercise strengthens strategic ties between Pakistan and China.

In a notable demonstration of collaboration, the initiation of the bilateral naval exercise “Sea Guardian-2023” unfolded at the Pakistan Navy Dockyard in Karachi on Saturday. Rear Admiral Liang Yang, Commander of Qingdao Naval Base from the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy, was the esteemed guest of honour, joining Commander Pakistan Fleet Vice Admiral Muhammad Faisal Abbasi for this significant event.

In his opening address, Vice Admiral Muhammad Faisal Abbasi extended a warm welcome to the officers and personnel of the PLA Navy flotilla, emphasizing the close and strategic ties between Pakistan and China, particularly in naval cooperation. The admiral underscored the importance of meticulous planning for the exercise, expressing hope that it would further strengthen strategic cooperation and interoperability between the two navies.

Commander Qingdao Naval Base Rear Admiral Liang Yang expressed gratitude to the Pakistan Navy for hosting the exercise and conveyed his optimism for a mutually beneficial and professionally rewarding experience through the joint exercise.