Fatal shootings in Sargodha leave two youngsters dead.

Two tragic incidents of fatal shootings occurred in the Jahal Chackian police area in Sargodha on Thursday, claiming the lives of two young individuals.

  1. First Incident: In Chak 55 Northern, a young man named Anwar lost his life after a dispute led to a shooting. An armed individual was involved in the altercation with Anwar and subsequently shot him. The police swiftly apprehended the assailant and confiscated the murder weapon.
  2. Second Incident: In the same area, another individual named Obaidur Rehman met a similar fate as he was gunned down by his rivals due to an ongoing feud. The attackers fled the scene after the incident. Upon receiving the report, the police reached the location and initiated an investigation, collecting forensic evidence to ascertain the details of the case.