Remembering Dildar Pervaiz Bhatti: A tribute on his 29th death anniversary.

Today marks the 29th death anniversary of the esteemed TV and radio presenter, Dildar Pervaiz Bhatti, as he is fondly remembered by his admirers.

Dildar Bhatti was born in Gujranwala on November 30, 1948, where he also received his early education. His remarkable oratory skills were evident from a young age, as he secured numerous trophies through his victories in debating contests during his school and college years.

His journey into the world of education began as an English lecturer at Government College, Sahiwal. Within a year, he transitioned to the historic Government College in Lahore, embarking on a new phase of his life.

Dildar Pervaiz Bhatti’s foray into the entertainment industry commenced in the early 1970s with Radio Pakistan, where he hosted the program ‘Sohni Dharti.’ His talents also graced the screens of Pakistan Television (PTV).

One of his notable achievements was hosting the university challenge-style TV show ‘Takra,’ which propelled him to nationwide fame and made him a household name of his time. This program was notably the first quiz show in the Punjabi language.

In addition to ‘Takra,’ Bhatti also lent his hosting skills to other successful programs like ‘Mela,’ ‘Yadish Bakhair,’ and ‘Panjnad.’ These shows not only garnered him immense popularity but also earned him respect and recognition on a global scale.

Tragically, Dildar Pervaiz Bhatti’s life was cut short when he succumbed to a brain haemorrhage shortly after a performance in New York on October 30, 1994, at a relatively young age. His contributions to the world of entertainment and broadcasting continue to be cherished and celebrated by those who appreciated his talent and charisma.