Tiktoker Dolly found guilty of not paying tax and bank accounts attached.

Famous TikToker Nosheen Saeed, also known as Dolly, has been found guilty of not paying Rs16 million in taxes. The Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA) has attached her bank accounts and recovered Rs4.4 million in taxes. The PRA is considering whether to attach her properties to recover the remaining tax amount.

A PRA spokesperson revealed that Nosheen Saeed operates a beauty salon in Gulberg but had been evading taxes. Despite receiving notices, the TikToker did not submit the due taxes to the PRA. Following repeated notices and non-response, the PRA Commissioner, Misbah Nawaz, ordered the recovery of taxes from Dolly.

Dolly gained notoriety last year after a controversial video went viral, in which two individuals set a forest on fire at Margalla Hills for a TikTok video. The Islamabad Police registered a case against her for environmental violations. However, Dolly denied any involvement in the incident and claimed that she had not visited National Park Kohsar in years. She stated that her video was taken while traveling on the motorway, where she captured a scene of burning bushes for TikTok.