Historic Milestone in PSL: Multan Sultans Appoint Catherine Dalton as Bowling Coach

In a groundbreaking move, Multan Sultans, a franchise in the Pakistan Super League (PSL), has secured the services of a female coach, Katherine Dalton, for their team. This historic decision marks the first instance in the history of PSL where a woman has been appointed as a coach.

Katherine Dalton, hailing from England, became an Irish citizen in 2015 and boasts an impressive cricketing background. She has participated in 4 One-Day Internationals and 4 T20 international matches, showcasing her skills and expertise on the field. Multan Sultans recognized her talent and experience, appointing her as their bowling coach.

Dalton has previously worked with fast bowlers in South Punjab, contributing significantly to their development. Her credentials also include serving as a Level 3 advanced coach in the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) coaching setup. She has further honed her coaching skills at the National Fast Bowling Academy in England, reflecting her dedication to the sport.

Expressing her enthusiasm about joining Multan Sultans, Dalton stated her eagerness to work passionately within the PSL. She brings a wealth of experience, having collaborated with Multan Sultans’ fast bowlers in the past. Her expertise is not limited to international matches; she has also coached in England’s National Fast Bowling Academy, showcasing her proficiency in nurturing emerging talents.

Multan Sultans’ decision to appoint Dalton is a significant step toward inclusivity and gender equality in cricket coaching. It not only acknowledges her capabilities but also sets a precedent for other leagues and teams globally. This move not only diversifies the coaching staff but also sends a powerful message about breaking barriers and providing equal opportunities in the world of professional sports.

Dalton’s appointment is not just a momentous occasion for women in cricket but also for the sport as a whole, emphasizing that talent and expertise are not confined by gender. Multan Sultans’ bold decision is a testament to the evolving landscape of cricket, embracing diversity, and recognizing the invaluable contributions that women can make in every aspect of the game.

In the PSL’s journey toward growth and inclusivity, Multan Sultans and Katherine Dalton stand at the forefront, championing a new era where individuals are valued for their skills, regardless of gender, inspiring generations of cricketers and coaches to come.