Al-Azhar University Strongly Condemns Israeli Aggression in Gaza

Al-Azhar University, one of Egypt’s renowned Islamic institutions, has issued a vehement condemnation against the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip. According to reports from Cairo, the university expressed its deep concern over the continuous violence perpetrated by the Zionist forces and their supporters, branding it as an indelible stain on the faces of those involved.

The university’s statement highlighted the fact that the killing of Palestinians and the Zionist forces’ widespread destruction have left an enduring mark, not only on the perpetrators but also on those who support these acts. Al-Azhar University criticized the biased coverage by Western media, which, it argued, has unveiled the hypocrisy behind claims of freedom of expression and human rights protection. The university emphasized that turning a blind eye or delaying action in support of the Palestinian cause would not be met with sympathy or understanding. The Palestinian people’s unwavering determination and sacrifices, rooted in deep patriotism, were saluted by Al-Azhar University.

Moreover, Al-Azhar called upon Islamic nations’ governments to fortify their unity against the Zionist state and its Western supporters. It urged them to solidify their stance and present a united front against the aggressive policies of Israel, especially in light of the recent escalation of violence in Gaza. The university’s message underscored the need for Islamic nations to stand together, emphasizing that only through collective strength and unwavering support for Palestine could justice prevail.

This condemnation from Al-Azhar University, a revered institution in the Islamic world, carries significant weight. It echoes the sentiments of millions across the globe who stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people, urging for an end to the aggression and a just resolution to the ongoing conflict. The university’s call for unity among Islamic nations serves as a reminder of the collective responsibility to protect the rights and dignity of the Palestinian people, emphasizing the importance of global solidarity in the pursuit of lasting peace and justice in the region.