Zainab Abbas leaves India amid controversy over alleged anti-hindu statements.

Zainab Abbas, a renowned sports presenter, who was in India to cover the ICC World Cup and promote cultural similarities between Pakistan and India, has left the country due to reported safety concerns. Her departure follows allegations of making “anti-Hindu” statements on social media.

The controversy began when an Indian lawyer filed a complaint against Zainab Abbas, accusing her of posting derogatory remarks on social media platforms targeting India and the Hindu religion. Zainab Abbas has vehemently denied these allegations, asserting that she has been unfairly targeted.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has become embroiled in the situation, with some sources suggesting that they were unable to prevent her deportation due to what they perceive as “Indian propaganda.”

Supporters close to Zainab maintain that her past social media activity, unrelated to her work as a presenter, should not have resulted in her deportation from India. They argue that tweets from years ago were taken out of context.

The ICC has not released an official statement regarding the matter at this time. Currently, Zainab Abbas is in Dubai.

The controversy gained traction when Indian lawyer Vineet Jindal filed a complaint against Zainab Abbas, referencing a series of old tweets that resurfaced on Twitter. These tweets, allegedly considered “anti-Hindu,” were originally posted approximately nine years ago under the username “Zainablovesrk,” which has since been changed to “ZAbbas Official,” her currently active Twitter account. This situation is notable because the ICC had selected Zainab Abbas as the official presenter for the ICC Cricket World Cup.