Fast bowler Naseem Shah successfully undergoes shoulder surgery in London.

Fast bowler Naseem Shah has undergone a successful shoulder surgery in a private hospital in London, performed by a renowned shoulder surgeon in the city. The procedure was specifically aimed at addressing a minor tear in Naseem Shah’s shoulder tendon.

The surgical operation was a brief affair, lasting approximately half an hour, and has set Naseem Shah on the road to recovery.

Following the surgery, medical experts have advised Naseem Shah to observe a period of rest spanning 4 to 6 weeks before gradually resuming any strenuous physical activities.

Expectations are high that he will soon become available for selection in the national cricket team once more. Naseem Shah is gearing up to initiate practice sessions in the next four to six weeks, with a keen focus on regaining his fitness.

Insiders familiar with the situation have expressed optimism about Naseem Shah’s prospects for a swift recovery, citing his youth, strong commitment, and dedication to his athletic career as factors that may contribute to a faster recuperation compared to others with similar injuries.